Case: windmill foundation manufacturer

A Belgian windmill foundation manufacturer avoids unnecessary repairs due to a proper NDT procedure


A Belgian windmill foundation manufacturer assigns two companies for non-destructive testing services.

Inspector A says the works have been carried out correctly. Inspector B says the opposite is the case.

Who is right and are repairs necessary?


Inspecto Visio is assigned for a ‘third opinion’ and performs a cross check based on the existing procedures and used parameters.

Their conclusion: both inspectors are right. The procedure, drawn up by the client, can be interpreted in two ways, allowing the results to be multi-interpretable.


Inspecto Visio rewrites the NDT procedure. The improved procedure ensures that all unnecessary future repairs are avoided.

Thus costs are cut considerably.

Take away

Not everybody is capable of writing a proper NDT procedure. A client writing his own procedure, is like a butcher inspecting his own meat.

It is imperative that NDT procedures are written by an independent as well as skilled company.


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