Arbitrage & Mediation

Practical experience and theoretical knowledge

Our specialties

  • Vendor inspection
  • Damage examination
  • Contract assessment
  • GAP analysis
  • Second opinion and cross checks

Independent experts

Everyone who works with steel knows that things can sometimes go wrong: a supplier not delivering on time, an unclear NDT procedure or misunderstandings due to differently interpreted standards and specifications. Usually the parties involved manage to work these problems out together, yet now and then conflicts arise which prove to be insolvable.

Legal action then seems to be the only way out. Yet, in these cases judges too often discover a lack of necessary expertise of the opposing parties, which are subsequently forced to call in external experts by court’s decision. The result? High costs and a lengthy process.

In these situations, Inspecto Visio – when given the opportunity to intervene as independent experts before any legal action has been taken – often can provide a solution through arbitrage and mediation. Thus, we have managed to resolve many a conflict, allowing costly and lengthy court cases to be avoided.

Our approach

Our approach (in chronological order):

  • Unequivocal agreements with all parties involved followed by a precise assignment description.
  • Assessment of the general situation as well as all involved contracts and other important documents.
  • Problem identification specified in a report.
  • A binding recommendation to all parties involved as to how to resolve the conflict.

A sound analysis of the problem and mediation proves to be far quicker and cheaper than legal action. Another big advantage: mutual business relationships remain intact, allowing further future collaboration.

Inspecto Visio has many years of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to offer. We provide advice in the event of impending conflicts with the aim of preventing them in the first place. In this capacity we have regularly and successfully been called in to offer a solution without court intervention.


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